About the Artist

Ad Astra per Aspera
Annette was born in the Midland village of Colston Bassett, Nottinghamshire, UK. Upon seeing a hint of talent and an early delight in the arts, her parents studiously discouraged this interest and guided her towards a 'proper job', providing a thorough and engrossing education in science and maths. This led to a (happily short) career as a Speech Therapist. After traveling the world for some years cooking and eating and learning about life in the company of her husband, she started her art education in earnest in 2005 with Michael Kitchen, a well known Scottish artist. At that time Annette also had the opportunity to work with Stan Miller of Spokane USA and Charles Sluga from Australia.

In 2010, Annette's whole family moved to Santa Fe USA so her husband could write a book. The book never got written but Annette discovered the Tony Ryder Studio, a classical painting and drawing Atelier, where she was able to spend time working exclusively from life, painting in oils. Back home in Scotland, she continued to develop her skills and exhibited in group and one person shows and put the Ryder school training to use. Her unique take on animals in Trompe L'oeil or 'trick of the eye" paintings were developed at this time. Now Annette lives in Norfolk and wonders why she ever went anywhere else, it's so lovely! Her art travels have taken her to France, Italy, Croatia, and across the United States.

"I love to paint and draw and cook and eat, these are my passions. I paint people, I paint objects, I paint animals and flowers. I try to paint ideas that make me laugh and stimulate the imagination. After all, I love to paint and draw (and cook and eat)..."